RD&D For Gas Utilities

A successful model that has resulted in beneficial products, tools and services used by member companies and by industry.

Innovating In
Gas Utility RD&D

NYSEARCH leads a collaborative RD&D program dedicated to serving gas utility members in North America.

Member Challenges

NYSEARCH RD&D projects target members' unique challenges for gas system operation, maintenance & repair.

RD&D Investments

Members select & support projects
which address their specific needs.

Real-World Solutions

Members & project funders have direct involvement in field testing of innovative new technologies.

The case histories below highlight innovative NYSEARCH projects and advanced technologies being developed by our collaborative, member-driven program.

Exploring AR for Gas Ops Training

An exploratory program to evaluate the capabilities and possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) for application in gas utility training programs.

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Advanced Chemical Nanosensor

A development of a "smart nose" array to detect and measure chemicals of interest in natural gas at ppb levels using nanotechnology.

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Biomethane Data Collection

A program collecting data and analyzing the impact of processed biomethane at varying levels of blending with pipeline quality gas on LDC infrastructure.

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Next-Gen Res. Methane Detector

A robust and reliable methane detector with wireless communication capabilities developed for residential applications.

Material Characterization with EXP

A project to enable the Explorer 20/26 robot to conduct Rockwell and Brinell hardness tests of pipelines during live In-Line Inspections (ILI).

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Cleaning Unpiggable Pipelines

A project to enable the Explorer 20/26 robot to clean unpiggable pipelines and enhance the Explorer’s ability to conduct In-Line-Inspections (ILI) for corrosion, cracks, and mechanical damage, hardness, and metal loss.

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RFID Embedded Coiled PE Pipe

To develop and test an antenna and signal processing system using RFID technology to locate coiled PE pipe that has been installed via trenchless operations.

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PE Pipe Repair Sleeves

A permanent, live repair technique for damaged, non-leaking PE pipe. Repair sleeves are being developed for various diameter PE pipe and a commercial partner has been actively involved in development.

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